Time & Talent-Volunteer

“We are co-creators with God, and each person is gifted and called to ministry.  Our gifts are more than our visible talents and skills:  they include our interests, motivation styles, values, hopes and vulnerabilities.”   Jean Marie Trumbauer 

As uniquely created and gifted individuals, we are called to share our talents and uniqueness to nurture our Parish Family.  When we use our natural abilities to assume a unique role in God’s creative and redemptive work, they become “spiritual gifts”.  It is in this light that we invite you to consider the following ministries at St. Victoria Parish as an opportunity to share your individual skills and interests and transform your natural abilities into spiritual gifts.

Our Harvest of Gifts Brochure brochure lists the the 60+ ministries at St. Victoria and there is something for everyone!  To learn more, contact John Abel, our Director of Shared Ministries, at 952-443-2661 x204 or Email John