Families Moving Forward

~ Families Moving Forward–Ending homelessness one family at a time ~
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Families Moving Forward (FMF) is an emergency shelter program for families experiencing homelessness.  FMF works in collaboration with local church congregations whose church facilities serve as a place of rest for these families.  The program is coordinated through Beacon Interfaith Collaborative whose mission is to end homelessness through housing, shelter, resourcing and advocacy.  In Carver and Scott Counties alone, every night there are more than 150 individuals identified who are experiencing homelessness, and 35% of them are children.  In Carver and Scott Counties nearly 30 congregations collaborate as host sites offering overnight accommodations, meals and hospitality, typically for one week at a time.  St. Victoria is exploring ways to support FMF, and already there is a team of parishioners volunteering at the St. Hubert’s and Shepherd of the Hill locations.

There are many opportunities to become involved with St. Victoria’s FMF efforts.  See below for our Spring 2018 offerings.   For more information, contact Russ St. John at 952-686-8943 or Email Russ

Families in Carver County need us!
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